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Meet Our Team

At the outset, JARK Productions was primarily invested in entertainment services with a heavy emphasis on releasing enjoyable gaming experiences.
Whilst maintaining a keen focus in the 
gaming sector, JARK Productions Ltd has since looked to branch out and explore other opportunities. 
Dependably conceptualizing and innovating new ideas, JARK Productions strives to bring its clients fresh and compelling activities, 
be it for entertainment purposes or to enhance other aspects of everyday life.



With his highly creative and yet methodical mind, John plays a pivotal role in the formation of our products and services.
His sense of humour and passion for envisioning alternatives to the norm, is 
readily apparent in JARK Production’s creations. His resilient nature and experience of working in a highly pressured management role have equipped him with indispensable skills, which have proven to be essential for him


Finance Director

Having a considerably strong academic background, JARK Productions unequivocally benefits from Anna’s educated and numerical mind. Her sweet but firm nature introduces a crucial dynamic to the team. Having plenty of exposure to the finance industry, Anna is trusted to and performs admirably well in maintaining the accounting aspect of the business.
She illustrates a formidable work ethic 
and robust confidence in making complex decisions



A charismatic and driven character, Rob has a proven track record within the app sector. Having personally developed a successful app and with extensive experience in business development management, Rob lends his invaluable knowledge to

JARK Production’s current and future endeavours. 

He continues to play a big part in the implementation of ideas and utilizes creative approaches to move projects forward


Marketing Director

Katy possesses a particularly strong insight into marketing. Having established a cleaning company prior, Katy was predominantly responsible for the successful marketing of the business’s services and furthering public awareness. 
Katy consistently injects a proactive and positive energy into her efforts. She reliably employs methods, equal parts compelling and effective, to promote JARK Production’s ever-expanding future