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The Bobby Copping Foundation

Whilst we here at JARK Productions endeavour to bring entertainment and utility to the public, 

we also recognize the importance in taking pause to reflect on some of life’s adversities. 

We are pleased to announce that we have been communicating with retired professional football player 

Bobby Copping. We were luckily afforded the opportunity to learn about his tragically short 

football career as a result of injury, the ramifications including how this affected his mental health and the 

foundation he has been working tirelessly to establish to help others.

As per Bobby’s own words, the Bobby Copping Foundation is 

“a foundation that will help educate those entering elite sport, to offer counselling to those who have experienced their world falling apart like myself through injury and help those who have been released from sports clubs and are finding that hard to deal with and struggling with their mental health.”

We here at JARK Productions are honoured to show our support for Bobby and endorse 

The Bobby Copping Foundation.

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